About Artist

By dreamer • • 25 Dec 2011

Yasemin Bider is an artist from Turkey,was born in Edremit in 1954.She educated in same town.Starting the painting in school years,still continue in Çanakkale State Fine Art Gallery and own workshop.She find her own style working on abstract painting and was impressed cubist art in college years.Mostly reflects woman portraits to her strokes.Yasemin Bider shared her first own individual exhibition with art lovers in Çanakkale State Fine Art Gallery with over sixty paintings on October,2008 and she presently joins karma exhibitions in different cities and hulls.Also she has graphic,pattern and sculpture works in her portfolio. The Artist lives in Çanakkale/Bayramic married and has two children.

Selected paintings from a fascinating collection of Yasemin Bider has been presented for everyone by the source of the idea; “Art for every home”.

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Please feel free to email with any questions to info@yaseminbider.com

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This website contains genuine handmade oil paintings which are stroked by Yasemin Bider.
These unique paintings are oil on canvas and some of them with original frame. If you like to see the paintings with the frames please require. Although all paintings are signed in the below corners, the sign of some of them is illegible cause of the taken by photo. The pages are categorized by oil paintings and water colours, include board dimensions as centimeters, created dates, and status for sale. Please ask for unpriced paintings.The collection is copyrighted hereby property rights of the paintings belong to the artist till the selling. If you find a piece from the collection, please give a notice.